Force1 Velocity RC Boat – H102 Remote Control Boats for Pools and Lakes, 20+ mph High Speed Boat Toys (Green)




Price: $49.99

Splash! The upgraded Velocity Wave is here to make all other remote control boats for pools and lakes eat wake! Cruise at 25+ MPH and make crazy jumps and cuts with Capsize Recovery to keep your RC boat afloat. Check out these high-tech remote control boat features:

Bonus Battery – Get 2 big 7.4v 600mAh Li-ion RC boat batteries

Water-Cooled Engine – Wave RC boats are built for speed

Capsize Recovery – A flick of your wrist and this speed boat is back in the race

Long-Range LCD Display – Keep an eye on RC boat battery power and more

Double-Hatch Design – Seals in your RC boat engine

Emergency Stop – Fast RC boats need good brakes

Cool Extras – Comes with dry-dock stand, nose guard, extra propeller and prop lube

Fast RC Boats? “Wave” Goodbye!

THE WAVE CAN SAVE YA. At 20+ MPH, this could be the fastest RC boat; an impressive addition to the Force1 remote control boat fleet!

CAPSIZE RECOVERY + ANTI-TILT HULL. Our latest design is the most stable remote control boat yet; great RC boats for kids and RC boats for adults you can right if they tip.

LONG-RANGE LCD REMOTE. 2.4 GHz remote features LCD signal, power and trim displays, and Left/Right Throttle Switch Mode for easy RC boat piloting.

Do “The Wave”

DOUBLE-HATCH ACTION. Keep the water out of your RC boat with our super-sealed speed boat design.WATER-COOLED HIGH-TORQUE RC BOAT ENGINE. The Wave uses wake water to keep its big remote control boat engine cool. How cool is that?

COOL KIDS POOL TOYS. Force1 remote control boats for pools and lakes are for freshwater use only and should be used with care – they’re super-fast RC boats!

Captain the Velocity Wave and leave all those other boring pool toys for adults and kids in your wake!DELUXE CONTROL + LCD DISPLAY. Adjust trim, switch throttle sticks and monitor RC boat signal and power on the long-range 2.4 GHz LCD boat remote controller.

GET A BOATLOAD OF EFAST RC BOATS FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: The H102 Velocity remote control boat races across water at 20+ mph; high speed boat include a 4-channel remote with a 120-meter signal range
DURABLE REMOTE CONTROL TOYS: Easy controls, a double-hatch hull, and capsize recovery modes make these awesome RC boats for kids or adults at any experience level
FRESHWATER RADIO CONTROLLED BOATS: Pilot these electric boats in pools and lakes with low surface-debris or outdoor/indoor pools with liners; these boats are NOT for saltwater use
SPECS: Remote control speedboat measures 17.2″ L (nose to rudder) and features a 2.4 GHz remote, premium single-prop motor, extra rechargeable battery, dry-dock stand, nose guard, extra propeller, and prop lubricant
QUALITY ASSURED: Cruise happy with these RC speedboats; we’ll provide a full refund if you’re not thrilled with our remote controlled boats for adults and kids


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